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We know that home is one of our basic needs, but many people do not have ability enough to get their own home or cannot buy a home within his financial capacity. Housing companies are making apartment to provide homes to people but those are not good enough. While many unsold apartments lay in many housing companies cannot sell it to their expected clients because of not having their buying potential. We observed that many people face difficulties to matchup their buying facility with the price for buying their expected home in the location they want from the occupied housing companies. In the maximum case apartment buying deals do not come in successful level.


The property Exchange has been established with an objective for working to solve the above said situation. We prepared to help people difficulties to matchup between their buying capability and the price of their expected home in the expected location of Bangladesh. Property exchange team would like to struggle to often the people beliefs by providing in the people’s optimum home in the expected position and location within their financial facility. Our goal is to make peoples true dream home for the next generation.

Associate Company

Professional Holdings Limited is Real Estate Company Limited by share made under 1994 Company Act. To develop quality apartments and commercial complex with above Twenty Years of Management experience. We devoted to deliver exclusive apartments and ensure unique design. We are always cared to improve our functional and Architectural Design, Contraction work, Quality material and after Sales-Service for Goodwill and Reputation. Professional team of Architects, Engineers corporate staff and experience Management and always ready to prove their jobs and commitment to the honorable clients and land owners.

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